Chanice Langlais - Integrative Psychotherapist


Restore your happiness

Recharge your mind

Feel replenished

Why counselling and psychotherapy?

Hi there, my name is Chanice and welcome to my website. Replenished Therapy is a counselling and psychotherapy service for adults and young adults/students in North London. Counselling and Psychotherapy provides a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings and how you may wish to better your life. It may be refreshing to speak to someone who is not a friend or a family member about what may be troubling you, knowing that what you share will remain confidential. I offer short term Counselling and Psychotherapy as part of my therapy services.

how do I work as a therapist?

My approach towards Psychotherapy is integrative, this means that I believe in incorporating various techniques and approaches into my style of therapy. I believe in focusing on the individual, this may be exploring what you may be currently experiencing, or reflecting on certain life experiences from your past. Most importantly, I wish to understand who you are as person, whilst supporting you to reach your potentialities as an individual. As an Integrative therapist, I may use various approaches and techniques such as Mindfulness and Body Psychotherapy during the session. To find out more about my approach click here.